Sunday, October 25, 2009

fresh finds from joe fresh.

My closet seems to be filling up with more and more Joe Fresh from Superstore. The young label has done extremely well in Canada due to the trendiness, comfort and extremely low prices. The fall/winter line is looking great with chic and adorable jackets starting at $75.

The quality isn't amazing, but if you're looking for some trendy items to get you through the season, there is great selection. I've purchased tank tops ($12), flats ($16), a fabulous double-breasted dark denim jacket ($49), and a light sweater ($16). The sweater received a battle wound from its first wash in the form of a little hole, which was fairly annoying, but I haven't had any issues with the other items I've bought.

I've also been trying a few products from the new Joe Fresh beauty line, and unfortunately I am pretty underwhelmed. The mascara was clumpy and the concealer was very drying.

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