Tuesday, October 06, 2009

i want.

From Mangshop.com. By Bite.
I've decided I'm truly embracing the oncoming cold weather this year. How you may ask? How will I, the Queen of cold weather complainers wrap my shivering arms around such a disgusting, dress-hater like the winter season?
I'm going to spend a small fortune on a gorgeous, limb-warming fall/winter wardrobe. That's how.
Thick black and purple tights, over-the-knee boots, fuzzy toques with feminine accents, and long knitted sweaters that can double as dresses (throw on a belt and voila it's a dress! ... and NO it's not too short).
I figure looking fabulous and being warm will lift my depressed, whiny winter self into a toasty little fashionista.

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  1. ahhhhhh I LOVE MANGO. I go every time I´m in Spain and tell myself the Euro pricetags are actually dollars. yessss denial (I guess this explains why I still haven´t been to the one in South Beach, haha)
    P.S....general comment...I like your blog fashionista!


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