Thursday, October 22, 2009

October 31st ... Mrs. Mia Wallace has risen.

I have finally decided on my Halloweenie costume folks! This year I will be sporting a white button-up tailored shirt, sultry red lipstick and a "powdered" nose to awaken the spirit of one of my all time favourite characters, Mia Wallace.
Not sure who this sexy, mysterious damsel is? Shame on you. Uma Thurman plays Mia in the 1994 film Pulp Fiction. I watched the movie when I was waaaay too young in my parents' basement with my older brothers telling me I "shouldn't be watching this". I remember sitting on the floor cross-legged, my face about three feet from the screen.
Despite all the other violent and insane scenes in the film, one stuck with me - the twist contest. Spoiled, coked-out, super confident Mia demands Vincent (John Travolta) dance with her to win a twist contest. She sashays onto the floor, Vincent in tow, and they twist, shimmy and shake to Chuck Berry's "You Never Can Tell". Mia is so classic, so cool, so confident.
I also found this hilarious Mia Wallace makeup tutorial!

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