Tuesday, November 10, 2009

geek love.

Glasses, band t-shirts, comic books, sweater vests and Star Wars debates – what exactly is it about geeky men that so many of us find attractive?

I have always had a thing for geeks, and don’t get all in a huff that I’m categorizing comic book readers as geeks. I don’t consider this a derogatory label - it’s endearing! And no, I don’t mean a drooling, pizza-face, snorting, over-biter kind of geek. I mean those really quiet, shy, polite, intelligent boys who love to read and have the most organized iPods you’ve ever seen, plus a Star Wars figurine collection proudly displayed on their bookshelves.

Let me tell you, geeks are difficult to date. You almost always have to make the first move (please put that novel down on “how to survive zombie attacks” when it’s bedtime….), and cautiously, tenderly explain why although Yoda is a limited edition collector’s item, it just doesn’t belong in public view. So, if they are more work and, ahem, socially embarrassing, what is it about nerdy men that drives us wild?

The geek chic fashion movement has definitely fueled our raging libidos for nerds. Since the comeback of Buddy Holly’s thick-framed glasses (who would have EVER thought those would come back in style?) loafers and neat and nifty side-parts, geeks are actually hot. Pop culture has found its inner nerd and popularized the style trend with shows like Gossip Girl, featuring preppy-dressed men, bow ties and all.

Most importantly, geeks have that intelligence that’s so damn sexy. I adore being read to, I love late-night scrabble games and crossword puzzles and I find it irresistible when a man explains something that’s really complicated to me… like, how to set up my DVD player. When you think about it, nerds are what make our world go ‘round. Without them we wouldn’t have crucial things like facebook, iPod apps, and Conan O’brien. Can you imagine?

I guess what I’m trying to say is, move over Superman and helloooo Clark Kent!

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  1. There is actually a difference between nerds and geeks. Geeks are the ones you're describing fondly. They are intelligent, usually have an intense interest in one or two subjectst that they can speak on at great length whether it be photography, movies or computers and are not necessariy socially awkward. Nerds are the stereotypically pimple faced who live in their mommy's basement, have no social skills and can't carry on a conversation outside of their own nerdy interests.


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