Wednesday, December 09, 2009

good hair.

So, I went to see Good Hair last night at Princess Theatre, and it was sooo great!

In a nutshell, Chris Rock explores the "secret world" of African-American women and the extents some go to have "good hair". I would love to see a documentary that covers all women, cause it's not just African-American women, the rest of us are pretty crazy about our 'dos too. I know I am.

The film opens up an interesting discussion about how women perceive themselves and how they compare themselves to other women.


  1. OH MAN. I had no idea this existed, but now I MUST SEE IT.

  2. Some of the information is truly shocking. You'll love it, definitely go see it!

  3. cayley fisher12/10/2009

    I saw them talking about this on Oprah!! glad to hear that it is good! I need to find if it's playing here!! you know how long is it at the Princess?

  4. Hmm, not sure how long it will be playing, but I think they only started showing it recently, so hopefully for a bit longer!


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