Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Style profile on my hair architect - Meagan Van Druten.

"I wanna go short. What do you think?"
"Straight bangs and an angled bob. Definitely."

And that's how it all began. A charming, giggling, bright-eyed hair stylist became my go-to girl. She has possibly given me the best haircuts of my life, and she is the only person in the universe I trust with my mane.

While she was snipping away at my hair one day, I thought "this girls needs to be on my blog." Her quirky, rock and roll, indie style isn't like the rest of Edmonton's hipsters. It is uniquely hers and instead of worn with a pretentious attitude, it's worn with feminine charm. Black tights, colourful tattoos galore, and Woodstock-worthy accessories. The girl effortlessly radiates positivity and love - does anyone else leave their hair appointment with a hug from their stylist? Here are Meagan Van Druten's thoughts on hair, style and late-night 7-11 shopping.

Meagan Van Druten, Profession: Hair Architect. I make people feel beautiful on the outside and the inside.

Favourite outfit: Battered leather boots, tights, baggy shirt, fitted blazer. Feathers and cuffs and necklaces to the moon. 

How do you describe your personal style? I wear what is comfortable. I don't try to impress, but sometimes it's nice to get a little girly. I love when your clothing tells a story.

How did you get into the hair industry, what motivated you to pursue it as a career? When I was little I would get sent to my room whenever I was in trouble. I would sit in front of the mirror and do my hair and my makeup. I guess it took my mind off fighting, and I could focus on something else. It made me feel better. As I grew up I was always getting my friends dolled up, and I guess it just took over.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job? I get to learn about a new person every hour and what's important to them. What they love about their children and their job. I get to make them feel good about their outward appearance and show them that there are so many amazing parts of who they are inside. I get to connect with people on a daily basis and show them that strangers can give a shit. I for sure give a shit.

What’s the most challenging part of your job? Not giving a shit. You get clients that come in and you know they just need someone to care, or listen. So you tell them to open up, ask them how they 'really' are and sometimes you don't like the answers... but you listen and you try hard to be positive. There are days I go to the back and have to let out a little cry, splash a little cold water on my face and then on to the next one. It's hard to just go home at the end of the day and not want to call them, or give them a big hug. It's a job and I can't make miracles happen.

Favourite hair trend right now? I love that vintage glamour is coming back in so many different styles. I think it's a trend that will always be in the centre of fashion, but it's magical to see how many different eras are interpreted, and how they change as the years go on.

How important do you think your image is in your profession/to your clients? I think it's all about making my clients feel comfortable with me. I guess I have a little bit of an alternative look, but it changes with my moods. I want to keep their comfort in mind, but if you know me, or have a conversation with me, you will slowly realize I am who I am. Therefore, I wear what I wear.

Favourite place to shop in Edmonton? There is something mystical about second-hand. These treasures you're finding, someone else has made a connection or a memory with them. That, and late night 7-11 shopping... you have no idea the things you can find in a 7-11.

Best fashion advice you’ve ever received? Or best fashion advice you’ve ever given someone else? 
Ideas are all around you. Find out who you are, and what makes you feel sexy and important and BE that. Inside all of us is a beautiful person with so much to offer to the world. I think if we allowed a little of our true self to shine through at all times, the world would brighten up... resulting in unimaginable beauty.

New Year’s Resolution? To love without any limitation.

If you're in the Edmonton area and would like to book a hair appointment with Meagan, call Harrison and Company at 780.439.5111. You won't regret it. 

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