Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This is England

If you're looking for a movie rental, pleeeease check out This is England. Great directing, styling and wardrobe perfection, the most convincing acting I've seen in a long time, and a superb soundtrack.

The story follows a 12 year-old boy and his integration into a young neo-nazi group in 1980's England. It is an extremely heavy film, so prepare yourself. Watching this and then walking into the -30 Edmonton streets didn't make for the most rainbow and lollipop evening for me, if you know what I mean.

I do want to emphasize that I LOVE the fashion in this film. The wardrobe team did an excellent job at resurrecting the looks. Between the Doc Martens, suspenders and Fred Perry button-up shirts... I was almost tempted to run out and get a Chelsea haircut like the girls in the film. Please don't miss out on this one.


  1. love this film, though to be fair... i'd hesitate to call the group "neo nazi". though there were definitely some of those folks around at that time, the nationalist movement during thatcher's era was more of a reaction to economic conditions (which thanks to a couple dumbass aryan douchebags, tom metzger in particular, caused fingers to be pointed at immigration policy, blaming issues on the notion that immigrants were taking all of the jobs) and the rather ridiculous falklands war. all that said, the neo nazi's definitely set up shop but i think the stuff in this film was shortly before the whole thing went hitler revival.

    regardless, it was great to see skinhead culture portrayed in a much more realistic way... and finally a movie with *gasp* a black skinhead! my god, who'd have thought... someone would finally include the culure on which skinheads were founded, rude boys, the working class. i guess it only makes sense though being that the director was apparently a skinhead in england around the time in which the film was set.

    one last little tidbit of info... the kid, not an actor at all. they canvassed schools and asked teachers for a troubled kid so things would feel more organic within the film... not just some kid playing a role. he definitely delivered, incredible work on his part!

    anyhow, i'll quit rambling now... lastly, bridget is one of my top pals (noticed your linking her). i really need to build her a new website! i built that one so long ago... it's time for an update!

  2. This was so long ago... but wanted to tell you, this was a great comment with great info!



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