Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Be my, be my baby.

Are you blushing and giddy and anxious for Valentine's Day? Pick out the perfect outfit, wear red lipstick, paint your nails pink. Feel the love in the air. Go out with the girls for cosmopolitans. Be optimistic. Put your cynicism on hold even for one day and be a hopeless romantic. Bake cupcakes. Believe in love at first sight. Go dancing. Flirt with every cute boy you see. Buy yourself flowers if no one else will. Eat a box of chocolates all to yourself. Do something simple, but special for someone else.

Wishing you a wonderful Valentine's Day this weekend! XO Dress Me Dearly. 


  1. Anonymous2/10/2010

    I'm going to drink a bottle of RED wine!

  2. I should have added that to the list... ha! Good for you! xo


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