Saturday, February 20, 2010

D. Abatoir spits fashion.

Local mic shredder and hip-hop poet, D. Abatoir, has got a thing or two to say about fashion – including his industry’s style sins, the most fashionable city he’s visited, and oh yeah, the kid’s got 68 pairs of shoes. He’s gotta be giving Carrie Bradshaw a run for her money. Every time I see this guy he's looking polished and put together, with that "no effort" look. Thought I'd get some insight from another creative local. Excuse his language.

How do you describe your personal style?
I draw from 80's to mid-90's hip hop and skater styles, which I feel influences a ton of looks we see today. I'm also influenced by upscale looks with pinstripes and grey/black knits when I feel like being Alfie. Items I've always cherished are M-65 jackets, pea coats, fitted baseball hats, polo's, newsboy caps, plaid button-ups, varsity jackets, rose gold watches, Wallabees, Timberlands and sneakers, of course.

Favourite brands/designers?
I don't really have a favourite brand, cause trends pop out all the time, and then a million street-wear companies churn out the same product. So, I mostly check for items that just catch my eye. As for designers, Yves Saint Laurent is fucking awesome! R.I.P. big homie.

Who do you consider a style icon?
My contemporary style icon is Nas, the guy is always rockin’ the freshest shit and has been true to himself for his whole career. I don't know if he has a stylist, but if he does, give that dude a raise. The Beatles have always been icons to me whether it be music or fashion. Lastly, the John Woo era Chow Yun Fat. Whether he was wearing Raybans with trench coats, or an all white suit with a black tie, he made me want to be a paid killer for a really long time.

How important do you think image is in the music industry, specifically your genre?
Hip-hop has always been fashion and image driven, so I guess it’s pretty important. But realistically the whole world revolves around image as much as we'd like to believe it doesn't.

Worst hip hop trend?
As innovative as hip-hop trends are, there's always got to be the yin and yang. Hip-hop has been guilty of a handful of travesties. A couple that come to mind are XXXXL T's, ski goggles, leaving stickers on hats, kriss kross backwards pants, hammer pants, and absurd chains. Hip-hop's worst has happened recently though with today's youth merging cultures and whatnot. We got glitter rhinestone skull-print shirts and spandex tight neon jeans to thank!

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I only have 68 pairs of shoes.

Your next must-have purchase?
I'll tell you after I get it; I’m kind of in retail rehab right now. We'll see if I relapse.

Most fashionable city you’ve visited?
Paris. Not only as the most fashionable, but also the most architecturally beautiful city. Besides all the dog shit, it’s perfect. Everybody seems to be on point there. The streets are runways.

Best place to go on a shopping spree?
I’m basically a threat everywhere, and I'm known to spend hours looking at every single thing on the hanger, it’s the crate digger in me. I can't say I have a favourite place, but outlets outside of Canada are fun. Value Village in Burnaby, B.C. is great too. Rich people throw away dope gear. 

Favourite outfit on a woman?
Birthday suit! With all jokes aside... kind of, I love seeing a girl with jeans, a T-shirt and ill sneakers. I also love a girl in a nice dress though. Knee-high boots are a soft spot for me too, but that’s another story.

Bands you’re stoked on right now?
I'm always listening to new music as soon as it’s out, but to tell you the truth I’ve just been listening to old classic music as of late. The stuff that all the hip-hop producers sample, mainly 60-70's soul and rock. Those old songs strike a chord in me all the time. I love how raw and real music was back then, beats all this auto-tune and generic cornball electro shit.

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