Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My weekend.

My long weekend was filled with music and friends, flowers and comics.

I had never heard of the openers for Rural Alberta Advantage, but the Great Bloomers from Toronto absolutely blew me away. Don't you just love when that happens? You go to see a band, expecting nothing from the openers, and then they totally amaze you to the point that you're searching down a pen in the seedy club you're in to write their name on your hand, so you can Google them when you get home at 2:30am.

The sidewalks are my runways. Vintage trench is Modes Marcel from Decadence, purse is Alexandra Bartlett from Value Village, leggings from Garage, flats from Payless Shoes. (You don't have to be rich to be cute).

Wilco, at the Edmonton Jubilee Auditorium. Talk about a rock show!

Flowers for Valentine's Day.

OMG!!! The final issue in the Archie Marries Betty/Veronica series!! Eeeek!


  1. Casey.M2/17/2010

    I absolutely ADORE RAA!
    How was it?

  2. They were soooo good. Second time I've seen them and they seem to always put on a great show. They played a few new songs too, sounds like the next album is going to be awesome.


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