Friday, March 05, 2010

Closet Organization 101.

Don't know what to do with all those clutches and little purses that just don't have a place to call their own? Well, here's my tip of the day: Try storing them in a basket!

I like to keep my clutches at eye-level, to remind myself to use them more. It's easy to get in a rut and throw good ol' faithful on your shoulder every morning. But, a vibrantly coloured clutch can spice up any outfit in a flash, so it's good to have them clearly visible. That way, you can grab one, quickly throw in your wallet, cellphone and lip gloss, and hop and skip out your front door looking like a little fashionista. 

I have mine neatly arranged in a rectangular, wicker basket on top of my dresser (which is actually in my tiny walk-in closet).  This ensures I can always see them, and they always have a home, so they don't get lost and scattered in the depths of my closet... which can be a frightening place sometimes. 


  1. How organized and LOVELY! Great tip! :) I need all the organizational tips I can get for my room/wardrobe!

  2. Anonymous3/05/2010

    We have the same animal print one! And hey - if you EVER, for some crazy reason want to get rid of that rectangular gold and pearl me! :)

  3. I got the Aldo animal print one at Robes and Relics for only $7! It still had the price tag on it - awesome score!


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