Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Eyelid primers. To use, or not to use?


A while ago, a reader asked me "Do you know anything about eyelid primers? I loooove blending eye shadows, but find they only last about three to four hours". Fabulous question that I'm sure a lot of people are wondering about. I'm no expert on primers, mostly because I don't wear eye shadow very often.  However,  I can share a bit of advice from personal experience as well as information I've learned from the many hours I've wasted watching countless makeup tutorials and reviews on YouTube.

What exactly is an eyelid primer?
Most primers promise to keep your eye shadows crease-free and vibrant for all-day wear. Also, they help keep the true colour of the shadow by neutralizing the shade of your eyelid, which can affect how eye shadows appear. If you like to wear saturated eyes shadow colours and blend multiple colours together, an eyelid primer might be something to add to your makeup bag.

How do I apply an eyelid primer?
Primers are really simple to apply. Using a concealer brush, your finger, or a sponge, gently apply the primer on - you guessed it - your eyelid and wherever you're going to be applying your eye shadow. Then, simply apply your eye shadow(s) over top of the primer.

Do I have to use one?
Personally I don't use them, but as I said earlier, I barely ever wear eye shadow.  My everyday makeup is quite natural looking, so I usually apply a skin-toned concealer and powder on my eyelids to get rid of any discoloration, and that works perfect for me.

Which eyelid primers should I buy?
First, let me tell you which one NOT to buy. I have used only one "official"eyelid primer before - Benefit's Lemon Aid Colour Correcting Eyelid Primer. I wasn't very impressed. The colour was waaaay too yellow, and even with a heavy application of eye shadow on top, it made me look sickly.

The most popular primers on the market are the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion ($18 at Sephora) and the MAC Paint Pot eye shadow in Painterly ($20). Although the MAC Paint Pots are considered regular eye shadows, the colour Painterly is used by many fair-skinned people as a primer because of its neutral colour, creaminess and long lasting wearability. Both of these primers get rave reviews.

Bottom Line
I think a liquid concealer that matches your skin tone is a good enough eyelid primer for most of us. But, if you have problems with creasing and find your eyeshadows fade throughout the day, then splurge on a primer.

Hope this information was helpful! If you have any thoughts or personal experiences with eyelid primers please comment below!


  1. Concealor! Great idea, I am all for doubling up on products. Thanks for the article on this!

  2. Your welcome! Thanks so much for supporting the blog and for the great question!

  3. The Urban Decay potion is as miraculously long-wearing as advertised. It's the only primer I'll use. I do have greasier skin, so I use it more or less whenever I'm wearing eye shadow (which is also not that often). However, because of its matte finish, eye shadows behave differently on it-- they are more saturated due to going on less silkily, and a bit harder to blend. If you can get past that, your shadow won't budge for the entire day and beyond.

  4. iv been thinking about nuying it but i always forget x

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  6. awesome topic! my favorite is also urban decay's primer potion and i don't wear eyeshadow with out it. it makes me eyeshadow stick all day long and prevents it form creasing or flaking off. i sweat like crazy when i dance and it's made it through that too!

  7. Great blog.

    Love the beauty tips :)


  8. Too Faced Shadow Insurance is great! My personal fave! :)


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