Monday, April 05, 2010

Can't live without - Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Shine.

My can't-leave-the-house-without lip gloss for the last two years has been the Beauty Rush Lip Shines from Victoria's Secret. I have the pink ( I think the colour is called "candy baby") and the mint, and both give your lips a glassy shine.

The pink gloss paints your lips the sheerest colour of cotton candy, and it tastes kind of like vanilla cupcakes... you can't go wrong with that. The mint flavoured gloss offers no colour, but an uber shiny and refreshingly tingly pout.

Here in Canada you can purchase the glosses at La Senza and get two for only five dollars. Pretty rad deal seeing as it takes FOREVER to use them up. I use mine almost every single day, multiple times and they last almost an entire year. The have a nice angled tip for application too, which i really like. They glide on super smooth.

One note - if you're not into super sticky lip glosses, you won't enjoy these. They're the kind that are so sticky, one flip of your hair causes strands to stick to your lips.


  1. That's a great tip!!! LOVE super shiny lip gloss - sticky or not ;)

    $2/5!? Crazy good deal!

  2. I finally used up my tube from.....two jobs ago! Love it


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