Thursday, May 13, 2010

Get out your summer dresses!!

Tip of the day: There is no easier outfit than a flowy, summer dress. I have always said, it's the universally flattering outfit for all women, especially when cut with an empire waist or A-line style that flows away from the body.

If you're trying to squeeze into those jeans and standing in front of the mirror looking over your shoulder worrying if your butt looks big, do yourself a favour and just throw on a dress! A dress helps to hide any body parts you don't feel comfortable with, which for most women is a bloated belly, or if you're like me, a little extra junk in the trunk.

Cotton dresses are the best fabric choice for most, because the material breathes well, is comfortable and will keep its shape.  For fashion's sake pleeeeease stay away from jersey. Unless your name is Giselle Bundchen, it's probably going to hug you in all the wrong places. Also, choose a dress that ends right above or right below the knee for the most flattering and classic look.

Pick a simple accessory like a belt to cinch in the waist or some cute bracelets to complete the outfit and you're good to go. No need to be worrying about which shirt goes with which pants, cause the outift's done - its all in one!

The Pins and Needles Chiffon House Dress from Urban Outfitters.

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