Thursday, May 20, 2010

Indoor tanning might soon be legally restricted in the U.S.

I just came across a really interesting article while browsing one of my favourite websites, The Beauty Brains.

A new bill called the Tanning Bed Cancer Control Act is under review in the United States and may set standards for the amount of time Americans are allowed to be exposed to UV in tanning beds. The standards will be based on the "latest scientific evidence linking UV exposure to cancer."

Opinions on this people? I have to say... I think it's a good idea and maybe something Canada should introduce. In 2008, Health Canada stated "skin cancer is the most common of all cancer types. It accounts for an estimated 1/3 of all new cases of cancer in Canada."

"In 2008, approximately one in 425 Canadians is expected to develop some form of skin cancer, while 910 may die from melanoma."

When I was in college, I worked part-time in a tanning salon and became super addicted to the feel-good feeling of laying in a warm tanning bed, and of course my bronzed skin. My 2010 resolution was to never enter a tanning bed again, and so far I've stuck to it! I'm very proud of myself, and when I see the little freckles on my arms and shoulders from years of over-exposure I know I made the right decision. I continue to watch these freckles in fear that they'll change shape or colour some day, and I'll be visiting my doctor for some bad news.

Slowly, pale skin is coming back into style, though I hate to admit I still envy those with naturally olive and bronze skin. Even Barbie has gotten darker over the years! Check out 1950's Barbie compared to 1990's Barbie. Not only does she have Angelina Jolie lips, but she looks like she's spent her whole life on the beach.

I'm hoping with this new vampire kick, pale skin will really come back into style and be here to stay. Just look at Edwin's pale, dreamy skin and slather on that sunscreen people.

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  1. Interesting! I hope the bill gets passed. I, too, made a pact with myself that I would never set foot in a tanning salon again. I now regret ever having baked my skin in cancer-causing "sunshine." Now I use self-tanner and 100 SPF ; )


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