Friday, May 07, 2010

I've got a man to stick it out - to make a home from rented house. We'll collect the moments one by one - i guess that's how the future's done.

It's my ridiculously handsome boyfriend's birthday today!!! And we're also celebrating three years since we laid eyes on each other. I like looking back at all the memories. 

If you see this boy on the street wish him a happy birthday!


  1. I like that you are always on his right :P

    ps my man and I also have a "birth-aversary" as i so cleverly call it

  2. I didn't even notice that!!!

    Congrats to you too!! I love love!

  3. such a handsome couple!

  4. Anonymous5/14/2010

    k, is that Candy Story in NANTON??!! I pass it all the time ;P


  5. It sure is!! Best Candy Store EVER. It has a cool antique shop in the back of it too.


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