Friday, May 28, 2010

Woman's closest and oldest friend turns 100.

Blueprint of the first bra. Tyra Banks in the Victoria Secret 10 million dollar bra.

It's a big year for the bra my friends... May marks its 100th anniversary!!

Most of us remember that glorious day around the age of 10 when we received our first, oh-so-adult, white, cotton, training bra with little lace trim. It was basically a tight, short tank top, but nevertheless, the second you put that on under your Barbie and the Rockers t-shirt you felt like a real woman. You had a little swagger to your step that day at school, commencing your life-long relationship with the bra. 

We owe it all to one incredible lady. The very first brassiere (with patent) was invented by New York socialite Mary Phelps Jacob in 1910. Sick of the stiffness of her corset, Mary  sewed two silk handkerchiefs together and voila - the bra was born.

Today, we have thousands of bra choices. Everything from cotton to silk, to strapless to halter, to leopard-print to black lace... the options are endless. It's a billion dollar industry with the average American woman owning six bras. I just counted and discovered I own a total of 14, but of course I only wear about three of them! Sometimes a bra is just soooo cute, you have to buy it. Even if it's completely impractical and has so much detailing and sequins and bows and crap on it, you'll never be able to wear it under anything....

Check out this great little video from the Today show, outlining the history of the bra. (It didn't have an embed code, sorry people!)

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  1. I purchased these for wearing with my low-cut maxi-dresses and shirts, comfortable and works really well as a layering piece. I would definitely purchase


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