Friday, June 11, 2010


I'm crushing hard on uber seductive British model Daisy Lowe. Don't know who she is? Weeeell, she's the daughter of Bush lead, Gavin Rossdale. That's right, the heartthrob whose photo you ripped out of YM Magazine and taped on your bedroom wall when you were 14.

Daisy seems to always be cast in super sexed-up photo shoots, but I hope it doesn't pigeonhole her for the rest of her career. She has a sincere innocence and stunningly beautiful quality about her that I find pretty enchanting. She's also got that rocker-chic vibe similar to Kate Moss - the bad-ass princess look that we all find so magnetic.


Yes... this is basically porn.


  1. Do you know what song this is Jania?

  2. The song is called "Tiger" by Maximum Balloon.


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