Sunday, August 29, 2010

Creepily Lovely.

Pretty wonderful, isn't it? This was Tavi Gevinson's pick as winner of 2010's A Shaded View on Fashion Film Festival. All film entries were judged by THE Diane Pernet and famous, young, fashion blogger, Tavi Gevinson.

I will admit, I got bored about halfway through the video, but I blame that on my MTV- generation attention span. As I write this I'm texting, watching a YouTube video and Gmail chatting. Oh, and drinking a Diet Pepsi. It takes a lot to keep me stimulated.

Anyway, It's a seductive little vid, and I'm glad Tavi chose it. The clothing is highlighted perfectly and hot damn, that music goes wonderfully in the creepy settings. I like to think these emotionless, flawless-faced girls are part of some kind of Wiccan cult and at any moment are going to break into seance.

Pleeease check out all the other incredibly creative entries here.

A Shaded View on Fashion Film is Paris' annual film festival dedicated to fashion, style and beauty. Contestants were asked to submit a film feature or short around these themes. This winning video will be screened at the opening of the next ASVOFF in Paris.

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