Monday, August 23, 2010

Emotional Baggage.

Southgate Mall is giving away a Coach purse! And they're doing it for a great cause.

You can enter to win an exclusive Coach bag by dropping off a new or lightly-used purse to Southgate Mall Customer Service by November 9. All purses collected will be donated to Suit Yourself.

Suit Yourself is an Edmonton-based charity that helps low-income women enter the workplace. Ladies who may not have the funds to purchase new, professional-looking clothing can meet with a Suit Yourself Style Coach volunteer. The Style Coach helps each woman dress for success by fitting them in a full outfit, including accessories. The donated clothing helps women across Edmonton nail job interviews and transition into the workplace. Check out their website here. 


  1. Great cause! I'm going to drop off a purse this weekend. Thanks for letting us know : )

  2. It's so great! I'm actually thinking about volunteering as a Style Coach.

  3. Very cool, my friend. But then, I've come to expect coolness from you.


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