Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The hunt.

I've been madly searching for the perfect wide-leg jeans for a few months now with no luck. The stores are still overflowing with skinny jeans and boot cuts while I'm yearning for something different. My criteria is simple: dark denim and long enough to rock some kick ass heels. 

I actually own a pair of great wide-leg pants, which I purchased ages ago at Forever 21. However, they're very light coloured denim, and they're difficult to style. I'm considering dying them darker - something I've never done before. If you have any advice on dying clothes, please let me know!

I have found one pair of great wide-leg jeans online at Mango that seem to meet this criteria, but I was really hoping to find some here in Edmonton to try on. I am anti-ordering jeans online, because they're one of those items you HAVE to try on and spin around in front of the mirror about a dozen times before purchasing. 

Anyway, while on my treasure hunt I came across this rad photo of Farrah Fawcett in a spiffy, chic little outfit. Enjoy.


  1. I have two pairs of wide-legged jeans, the first pair I found at the Banana Republic outlet in South Common and the second pair at the Mexx outlet but this was a year ago. I'll keep an eye out for you!

  2. have you tried c'est sera by any chance? you might have some luck there with the moto line.

  3. Seven's GINGER are a GREAT wide leg style. I think Bamboo Ballroom and Aritzia have them. A little more $ but they are an AMAZING fit. :)


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