Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The perfect red lips.

I thought this video was appropriate since fall is on its way, and a prominent red pout will be back again for another season.

This vid is just one of hundreds from YouTube makeup guru, JuicyTuesday. Her real name is Teresa and she's a hilarious, speed-talking, girly-girl from Vancouver, Canada. She has received mixed reviews from the online community, some love her and of course, some find her totally annoying. But the numbers show the facts.

JuicyTuesday started her channel in June of 2009 and today has more than 50,000 subscribers. She receives products from major global brands for review and has recently collaborated with The Body Shop for a series of videos. All of this achieved in one year.

I love the shopping-crazed, beauty obsessed YouTuber and will continue to tune in as long as she makes videos. There's something strangely magnetic about JuicyTuesday and her valley-girl persona. Her materialistic ways are truly appalling (just watch one of her "haul" videos) and yes, she'll stop mid-sentence to talk to her dog, Ruby, during a tutorial. But somehow, all of this shows her honesty and the fact that she just wants to have a little fun. So many YouTube gurus take themselves soooo seriously these days. It's nice to see someone just having unapologetic fun.

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