Monday, September 13, 2010

Feel faux.

Nobis Faux Fur Trapper Hat.

Keep your thoughts warm this winter with some friendly fur. Faux fur is super hot for the coming chilly months, showing up on everything from hats, jackets, boots and accessories.

Chanel's 2010 so-called "ready-to-wear" Winter Collection took the trend to a chilling level when Lagerfeld sent one furry, Chewbacca-imitating model after another down the runway. Half the collection induced a feeling similar to choking on a hair ball, while the other half of the collection was dainty as a daisy and much more Chanelesque.

I loved the tweed and knit dresses with icy accessories, including icicle-like fringe draping from the clothes. I could definitely do without those black fur pants though... ugh. At least we know they're faux, and no animal died in vain for those atrocities.

Oh, and by the way, Lagerfeld had those icebergs delivered to Paris from Sweden. Yeah. Sweden.

I ADORE this last video.

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