Sunday, October 17, 2010

American Vogue redeems itself.

The October issue of Vogue knocked my dainty, frilly socks off! I usually detest the American edition of the magazine, because it's always packed full of celebrities I don't care about and contains incredibly irrelevant content. But this issue was beautifully laid out with spectacular styling.

Demanding my pause as I flipped through the issue's glossy pages was the glamourous, but still quaint editorial with Carey Mulligan. The detailed editing produced a washed out, natural, dreamy effect on every page that reminds me of childhood summers. I love the over-sized, masculine, black hat paired with delicate, feminine dresses. In some of the photos the hat beams around Carey's face like a black halo.

Carey, of course, looks delicate and natural and absolutely stunning. The location was definitely selected with the model in mind. The softness of the foliage helps to "dress down" the extravagance of the outfits on Carey. With the help of the background, Mulligan looks believable in the grandiose dresses enveloping her tiny frame.


Click on the photos to enlarge.


  1. Yeah - totally amazing. Delicate, fresh, incredibleeee styling.



  2. The red photo is my favorite.She is stunning! Just watched "Never Let Me Go". She is so awesome.

  3. These pictures are amazing and she looks stunning! I can't get over how much she resembles Michelle Williams.

  4. September was such a let down! This is definitely redemption.


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