Saturday, October 16, 2010

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer review.

I’ve been a strict MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer fan ever since it was gently brushed under my eyes by a knowledgeable black-clad MAC employee last year.  It's my go-to-can't-live-without-it-makes-me-not-look-like-a-Tim-Burton-creation product and I haven't used anything else since discovering it. However a few weeks ago, I was in one of those risky moods and thought I'd live dangerously and try something different. I purchased the new MAC Pro Longwear Concealer ($20.00 CAD).

I used the concealer every day for one week to cover my under-eye circles. And surprise, surprise another product that dried out my skin! Never take risks people! Anyway, there were quite a few cons to the product, but I’ll point out a few pros as well.  

Extremely sanitary packaging. The concealer comes in a pump, so you’re not putting your dirty fingers or brushes into the whole product.

Long lasting. True to its name, the concealer lasted me a good six hours when set with a powder. It claims to give you 15 hours of coverage, but that’s totally over exaggerated. I have read a few reviews online claiming 10 hours of staying power. This a bit hard to measure in my case, because I'm one of those people constantly touching my face and eyes, so I rub a lot of my makeup off during the day. 

Not too creasy. It did settle into some fine lines, but not as bad as other concealers on the market. If you spend the time to blend it in really well it won’t crease.

Quantity control. The pump dispenses way too much product. One pump gives you enough to cover your entire face. A half pump seemed to work better. I would recommend pumping the concealer into a mini travel-size pot and using a brush, so you don’t waste a lot of product.

Drying! If you tend to have oilier skin, this concealer might be fine for you. However, if you have dry skin, STAY AWAY. After the first day of using it, my left eye had a dry, flaky, patch underneath. I slathered it with Vaseline for a couple days and luckily, it went away.

Difficult to blend. This concealer dries really fast once it hits your skin making it tricky to blend. You can’t apply more product over it once it’s set, because it starts to look cakey.

Coverage. I have fairly dark under-eye circles and found this concealer didn’t offer enough coverage. I would describe it as light to medium coverage, good for those of you just looking to brighten your eyes on days when you haven’t gotten your beauty sleep.

Final Verdict
I returned my Pro Longwear Concealer because it was just too drying. If you have normal to oily skin and looking for a long lasting concealer ask for a sample at MAC before committing to a purchase. 

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