Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Best cleansers for dry, winter skin.

As you all know, because I'm constantly complaining about it, my skin is very dry. So, in the winter you can only imagine how flaky, dull and frightening my skin looks. I usually get one to two weeks of some terrible eczema-looking, freaky, dry patch under my eyes, which looks infinitely worse when I try to apply my concealer. I know, poor me, right? Life's hard.

Anyhoo, I think I've finally found two cleansers to aid in the battle against the thirsty, desert-like plains of my face...

Aveeno's Ultra Calming Cream Cleanser  ($8.99 CAD at Shoppers Drug Mart) is a very light, cream-based cleanser that smooths over your face and washes off the days residue without harsh foam or suds. It's extremely moisturizing and a great choice if your skin is sensitive or dries out easily from most cleansers.

It's very light, ideal for every day and morning rinses, or days when you're wearing little to no makeup. If you're wearing a lot of makeup it's not going to work alone though - you may want to use a makeup remover first.

Lush's Ultra Bland is a must-have if you have dry skin. Seriously. It's a miracle product. It's oily and thick (contains peanut oil) and feels wonderfully decadent on your skin. It gently removes makeup including mascara and eyeliner, and there is no need to moisturize after using it.  I often wake up the next morning after using it, and my skin still feels dewy and fresh.

A couple notes on using Ultra Bland: 
- I don't recommend using it in the morning before applying makeup. This is an end-of-the-day cleanser.

- Its thick consistency is surprising at first and isn't for everyone. Ask for a sample at Lush before committing to a full size tub. (45 grams = $29.95 CAD) They'll gladly give you one. 

- Don't mix it with water. It's  applied on its own and rubbed into the skin for 30 seconds. You then remove it with a warm, damp facecloth. 

- A little goes a long way. You only need about a quarter size amount to cleanse your entire face.

- I wouldn't recommend this product for those with oily or acne-prone skin as it may cause breakouts.  

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