Saturday, November 06, 2010

Lady about town.

I laid eyes on this spread from Marie Claire Italia and although I love every photo, I couldn't quite figure out the theme. The photos seemed all over the place with no connection except the model.

Upon another gander, it clicked in my brain like a sharp stiletto walking down a hospital corridor. I'm christening this spread "Lady about town".

 You know the one. She's taking out her garbage in stilettos and a pencil skirt. She's picking up milk on a Saturday morning with a perfectly manicured hands and flawless makeup. She's leaving the gym, looking like she's leaving the spa.  

Oh, how I wish to be this put-together all the time. 

Dewi Driegen models for photographer Taki Bibelas for Marie Claire Italia, Otober 2010

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  1. Beautiful! And all the clothing is fabulous! Oh, to have that wardrobe!


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