Monday, November 15, 2010

Off the Deep End.

So, I'm FINALLY blogging about the Off the Deep End Fashion and Art Exhibit hosted by Edmonton's Parlour Magazine and the Save Scona Pool Action Team that I attended last weekend. It was fabulous fun and brought the community together for an important cause that affects a lot of Edmontonians.

I don't have a ton of great photos, but I caught some snaps of fellow Edmonton fashion blogger Caroline Gault who was co-emcee for the evening and assisted in planning the whole fabulous night. She did an outstanding job, and I was lucky enough to snap a photo with her. You can read my interview with Caroline from way back in the day here. 

I particularly loved the event for bringing a community together under the umbrella of fashion and art. The evening wasn't a pretentious, dim-lit, uncomfortable, cliche-fest with Edmonton's elite sipping champagne and acting like snobs. It was a sincere atmosphere with people of all ages, and style. It was most likely the very first fashion show for many who attended. That excites me.

Find out more about the Save Scona mission and the Off the Deep End event here

Our very own blogger darling, Caroline Gault emceeing!

Bloggers unite!


  1. aaah! i have that tunic too! you look great!

  2. darnit...i wish I could have gone to this!

  3. Gah! I love that it was all around the pool. I used to live in Edmonton!! Love your pics on the Lady in Red post below!!

    Every.time. I see Edmonton bloggers I could cry - you guys have access to the best haircuts EVER!

    Stuck in SoCal, home of the $200 haircut.

  4. You two look gorgeous! Sad I missed the event : (

  5. Bloggers unite!! Aw, thanks for this post - it WAS quite the mix of a crowd, hey??

    I look like a bit of a gremlin in that second photo... hahah but it's nice to see the event from a different perspective!! You're so lovely.



    P.S. Marie, we wish you were there, too!


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