Friday, January 28, 2011

So far. So good.

Almost one month down for 2011. Eleven more to go. A glimpse of my January:

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Ben Stevenson plays a romantic, soulful set reminiscent of Sam Cooke at Leva Cappuccino Bar. Swoon.

Fellow Edmonton blogger's dainty birthday at Blue Plate Diner. Pretty personalities, blush inducing vino and oh-so-satisfying good eats. I wake up from dreams of Blue Plate's Lentil & Nut Loaf in a puddle of drool.... 

Rad, rad band, Slow Fresh Oil at Black Dog make me nod my head up and down and tap my toe like a hipster.

Ice on Whyte 2011 was the best I've ever seen. A Chinese theme told through mirror-like ice pagodas, a frozen Great Wall, smiling Buddhas and Year of the Rabbit snow carvings made this year's cold celebration extra special. A massive dragon slide with a slippery illuminated tail to whisk children off in a hurry kept me and my bestie entertained and laughing even though my toes were numbing. 

One too many pints of Grasshopper at Next Act Pub.

The Old Sins growl out some punk-rock soul at The Black Dog.

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