Monday, January 24, 2011

Tip of the Day - Removing salt stains from shoes.

Edmonton serves up a harsh winter, and every year the city battles back with layers of warm clothes, command start and of course, salt. 

In most Canadian cities the roads and sidewalks are sprinkled with tons of salt over the season to melt the ice. Salt lowers the melting point of water, so ice starts melting without the need of warmer temperatures. 

As wonderful as this is to prevent slipping and sliding and a city sprawled on top of a vast skating rink, it's disastrous on footwear. See the image below... look familiar? All this salty slush is leaving my boots with white stains that just refuse to be cleaned. I've been wiping them off with a damp cloth, only for the stains to fade slightly, but then reappear like some kind of magic marker. 

After a little research however, I've found a solution!

What you need:
- Four tablespoons of vinegar
- 1/2 cup of water
- A clean cloth
- Shoe protection product

Mix the water and vinegar. Dip a clean, soft cloth into the liquid and wipe off the salt stains on your shoes.  Allow the shoes to dry and then spray with a protective product. I use Aldo's Defense spray, which is safe on synthetics and leather.

Good as new!


  1. This is good to know. Thanks

  2. great tip! do u know if this works for suede snow boots too :)?

  3. Oh my God you posted this at exactly the right time! I got stuck with my car yesterday wearing my fake Uggs and was in deep snow for about 45 minutes. The next day there were those same white lines that appeared. I'm going to try this tonight. Thanks!!

  4. Great question Jennifer! Vinegar is safe to use on suede, but according to this article should only be used as a last resort.


Thanks for your comment! xo