Saturday, January 29, 2011

What a slouch!

Yes! Loose fittings tops are back in style, and not a minute too soon as I'm feeling a bit bloated. Sure, form-fitting, body-hugging tops can be damn sexy, but there is something so soft and romantic about this sweetly slouchy trend - shirts that drape away from the body leaving a little more to the imagination.

There are some rules to be applied when it comes to this Mary Kate and Ashley fashion spawn. You can't just go out and buy an XXL large tank top and call it a day. There's something very specific about the fit, kind of like a perfectly messy hairdo - it looks like there's been no effort involved, but in fact you've been standing in front of the mirror for 25 minutes shaking your hands through your hair.

Rule #1. The shoulders should fit properly, even if they're teasingly falling off your shoulder. The look is slouch - not slob. The shoulder seam should still sit at the edge of your shoulder or at least close to it and fit smaller than the rest of the shirt, so you don't end up looking like you're wearing a garbage bag. 

Rule #2. Look for tops that loosely drape from your frame - not drown you. Buy it in your regular size - a perfectly designed slouchy top will be sewn for your frame, but be enlarged in all the right places. 

Rule #3. Balance the proportions. Don't wear a slouchy top with baggy cargo pants people. PLEASE. You're really not doing your silhouette any favours. Pair it with tights, skinny jeans, a mini skirt, tucked into some flared jeans or short shorts. A structured blazer on top can also help keep the look chic instead of slobby, plus it's a great way to take the look into the office. 

Rule #4. Accessorize! Loose, billowy tops look fab with one or even multiple layers of necklaces and bangles. 

Some slouch-approved options from


  1. Love it! Beautiful images, illustrating exactly the kind of fit you speak of. I love this style, too!



  2. Only you would be able to so perfectly state the rules of rockin' this style! Love it.


  3. I'll take one of each!


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