Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day six. Western Canada Fashion Week.

Day six of WCFW was especially exciting for me, because two of my favourite local designers were showing. Both Genette Salgado and Tressa Heckbert of Sessa Wearables did not disappoint. The young designers presented very strong, cohesive collections with surprising details. I thought both collections were very modern and wearable. 

Genette Salgado
Beautifully placed flowers and studs juxtaposed soft and hard imagery and set the theme of the show. 
Studded details. Genette Salgado 
Intermission: Baby, why are you checking your watch? 
Sessa! So, fresh, young and forward-thinking. Beautiful organic materials looked comfortable, yet sophisticated.
My favourite look of the night. The red top had button detailing all up the back.

Second favourite looks from Sessa. 

So cute! Loved this collection.


  1. That studded top!
    I want it!!

  2. Love that first dress! You take great pics!
    Tamera xo
    Tamera's Take


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