Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day three. Western Canada Fashion Week.

 A drool-worthy collection from Just Me Jenna Marie had me on the edge of my seat and snapping away like a mad woman last night at Western Canada Fashion Week. How can someone make a fanny pack look so fabulous? Seriously!

Flawless, waif-like models gracefully strutted by in simple, but sweet ensembles of pastel pink bras and high-waisted denim shorts. The simplicity of the outfits allowed for the bags to do all the talking. Oohs and Aahs could be heard from across the room as a new handbag rounded the catwalk and hit the spotlight. Silver studs and pointed bows gave each purse a sassy little personality. 

Beautiful makeup in pop-art colours was paired with chic chignons piled high on each model's crown.

The beautiful and talented designer, Jenna Daniluck, modeling her own creation.


  1. A.C.S.3/27/2011

    Pick me!

  2. Chelsea Weiman3/27/2011

    If I had one like that, Ya...I'd wear a fanny pack.

    A draw hey?

  3. Beautiful goodies... its like a belt with large pockets. Don't use the term fanny pack! lol. Great work from Ms. Jenna Marie!

  4. I knew "fanny pack" would get people all in a huff!!

    hahaha, I meant it in the BEST way possible.

  5. Jenna Marie3/28/2011

    I call them belt purses!!! Way more fashionable


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