Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day two. Western Canada Fashion Week.

{a photo diary}
I'm ready to go!
Sandra Sing Fernandes, Creative Director of WCFW, shows off another pair of killer heels. 

The evening commences with a West Edmonton Mall Fashion Showcase. Shown here, Betsey Johnson dress with ultra fun accessories from Firoz.

Over the top glam from Firoz.

My favourite look from the WEM Fashion Showcase. A crisp, white, tailored suit with short shorts from French Connection.

Close-up of the charming, black piping on the oh-so-cute suit from French Connection.

Shoes, shoes, glorious shoes!

Incredibly detailed work of designer Aman Dhaly.

Aman Dhaly

Aman Dhaly

My favourite collection of the night, Posta.

Glamorous evening gown from Posta

Front row bloggers Marie a la Mode and High Gloss White.


Urban, ghetto jumpsuit received mixed reactions from the audience. Posta.

Sexy, shimmering, gold dress from Posta. I wanna go dancing in this.


Nazila Couture

Nazila Couture

Our city's greatest supporter of the arts, Mayor Mandel. 


  1. Andrea3/26/2011

    yayy! I love Stephen Mandel!

  2. You got a photos with him!!!! Yay! Great collage!


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