Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fantasy Hair & Makeup Competition at WCFW.

Some snapshots of the competitors in last night's Fantasy Hair & Makeup Competition at Western Canada Fashion Week.

2nd Place Fantasy Makeup Winner, Lindsay Champlain
This makeup look was my favourite, and I thought deserved 1st Place. It was the most sophisticated and thought out. I loved the details on the "gloves" and the simplicity of the entire look.
Makeup Artist Olivia Tascone won 3rd Place for this look.
1st Place Fantasy Hair Winner, Kim Peterson

2nd Place Fantasy Hair Winner, Cora Whitford

3rd Place Fantasy Hair Winner, also by Cora Whitford


  1. I also thought she should have one, the lace gloves detail was perfect!
    <3 Kastles

  2. These make up looks are soo impressive!! I am blown away, I really love the lace glove one as well, that is so intricate!

  3. Thanks for the post about my corsetry and enjoying the show! Just FYI I do sell those shoes and more on my website! Cheers!


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