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Blogger dishes on design

Dress Me Dearly’s Janis Galloway gushes on Western Canada Fashion Week

Pamela Di Pinto, Writer

Janis Galloway laughs as she thinks back to a younger self who — when left to her own devices — would change her outfit at least five times a day, often sending her mother in a huff as she paraded around the house in her best clothing.
Growing up, her passion for fashion never faltered.
People would always ask her where she got her clothes, or what inspired her to put certain outfits together.
So, this fashion-magazine-reading, online-shopping junkie channeled her fashion expertise into a blog called Dress Me Dearly.
Since it’s start in August 2009, it has grown into one of Edmonton’s most trusted sources for local fashion.
Wearing a pink leopard cardigan and a feminine chain-link necklace against an otherwise all-black ensemble, Galloway sips her coffee at Transcend Coffee on Jasper Avenue as she offers up her five favourite picks (in no particular order) of who to look out for on the runway at Western Canada Fashion Week (WCFW) this season.
Kelsey McIntyre, Serendipity -->Showing Thursday, March 31
“Her stuff is always really feminine. It’s always kind of sweet and charming. Lots of button details, ribbons and bows. She’s really focused, too, on doing good presentation in terms of runway. It’s like she’s telling a story.”
Gennette Salgado S/S 2010

Gennette Salgado, Vancouver --> Showing Tuesday, March 29
“(Her line) is so sexy, and it’s so chic. It’ll probably be one of the most fashion forward lines that we’ll see at Fashion Week this year. She has these really well-tailored pieces, and then they always have something interesting about them.”
Tressa Heckbert, Sessa --> Showing Tuesday, March 29
“(Her line) is nice, conservative, (and) professional but in a sweet, feminine way. I really like her fabric choices. It kind of reminds you of ’60s secretary. Very feminine silhouettes.”
Nomin Gantumur, Handcuffs Required --> Showing Thursday, March 24
“I think we can expect really big things from her. She’s kind of a young up-and-comer. Her stuff is really fun and kind of edgy. I’m excited to see what she’s presenting.”
Kelly Madden Clothing S/S 2011
Kelly Madden Clothing --> Showing Wednesday, March 30
“For me, one word to sum up her stuff is sexy. It’s all so formfitting and makes you look curvaceous. I think her quality of tailoring is very apparent as well.”
 While Galloway stressed the importance of supporting Edmonton’s designers, she does admit that shopping local can be expensive. So, here are her tips for staying fashionable on a budget that will satisfy the ‘frugalista’ in us all.
Hit up Goodwill and consignment stores. Cute and affordable pieces are hidden amongst the racks, you just have to be willing to look. Galloway recommends Robes & Relics located at 8210 104 St.

Make friends with a tailor. Tailors can turn old pieces of clothing into something new, like altering flared jeans into skinny jeans.
Or, if you find a piece of clothing for cheap at a second-hand store that needs a little love, spend some money to have it tailored to fit perfectly.
It’s all about accessories! Accessories can easily add a punch of life to an old outfit. Don’t be afraid to play around with them and show off your personal style.
Do quick little fixes — like holes or loose buttons — yourself. This will help you get more wear out of your clothes.

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