Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pieces of Stanley Carroll at Western Canada Fashion Week.

After a year and half hiatus from fashion, Stanley Carroll has returned, presenting a collection he calls "Pieces" on the second evening of Western Canada Fashion Week. A suiting name for a collection that boasts a wide spectrum of fabrics, prints and colours often in reconstructed patterns sewn to create tucks and bulges and unusual silhouettes.

"The collection felt good to me. Part of the reason I came back was that I had all these ideas in my head, and I wanted to put them out there," says Carroll. 

The collection was just that. A release of Carroll's mind, which must have been brimming with ideas over the last year, yearning to get out. Sharing the runway were both men's and women's wear including emerald and lime green pants, orange and red plaid button-up shirts, knit summer dresses, burlap pants, navy blues, mustard yellow, and muted greys. Everything seemed to have a subtle sense of humour and although one could argue the collection was not "cohesive", I don't think that's what Carroll's intention was anyway.

"I look to how people shop. People buy designer styles and mix it with vintage, there's a very mix-match attitude right now. So, I'm giving people more pieces to play with," says Carroll. 

When I ask him where we can buy the clothes he kind of chuckles, "It's not the kind of collection fit for a retail environment." When I try to disagree, saying some of the standout dresses could definitely sell in stores, he simply chuckles again, but assures me people can visit the website and even his studio if they are interested in purchasing.

I can't help but think this man just loves to design. It's not about economics for this creative mind, it's just about creating. 
I ask his take on the increasing buzz around fashion in Edmonton, and I can't help but envy Carroll's positive take. Unlike most of us, he gives our city much more credit.

"I think deep down the city has always had a fashion instinct. It just needs something like Fashion Week to galvanize people."

Well said. 

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