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Sister Gray GIVEAWAY and Interview



One lucky Dress Me Dearly reader can win two tickets to see sibling rock group, Sister Gray, live in Edmonton AND a copy of their album, Close the Night.

The winner can choose to attend the Sister Gray concert at Grant MacEwan on March 24th or at Accent on March 31st.

To enter:
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Singing sisters got style.

Two fashionable sisters from Millet, Alberta are climbing their way up the music food chain one step at a time.

This past February, Brittany and Jenesse Graling and their five-piece rock band, Sister Gray, were declared the first ever female-fronted Sonic Band of the Month by Edmonton radio station Sonic 102.9.

"It feels great!" exclaims Jenesse, "It's nice to get some recognition for your hard work especially as two girls trying to get some cred in a tough business. We were surprised it hasn't happened before, but we are honoured to be the first. We hope we are the start to many more female rock fronts getting commercial radio play out of Edmonton."

Although their raw, harmonic vocals are what is propelling them forward, their keen fashion sense is grabbing some attention too. As a girl who also grew up in a town with a population under 5,000 and nowhere to shop but the local GoodWill and Saan store, I wanted to know where these chicks got their skills. Oh, and of course, find out more about their music...

Describe your music. What can we expect when we go to a Sister Gray show?

Our music is alternative rock with an electronic texture and edgy, harmonic vocals. When people come and see us play they can expect a big, driving sound full of raw energy that you can rock out to!

So, the first EVER female Sonic Band of the Month. Pretty sweet! Have you faced any challenges in your career simply because you’re female?
Yeah it can be hard. Sometimes we go to a show and are not taken seriously until after our show, which gets tiring after a while. I think at the end of the day though, talent and drive have no gender, so we really won't complain!

OK, let's get to your style! How would you describe it?
J: It's a mix of feminine statement pieces with a harder rock edge. We love leather - well pleather! - mixed in with lace and sequins, giving us an 80's feel.

Have you always loved fashion?
J: Always. For us it's not just putting on clothes, it's fun and it's a chance to express yourself. Even when we were little girls we would play dress up for hours, then we played 'modeling'. Our grandmother had amazing costume dresses and silk scarves and we would have a ball putting together outfits- I guess not much has changed!

Where did your fashion sensibility come from? I know for me it was hard to find inspiration in a small town. 

J: Growing up in Millet there weren't a lot of stores - well none really. But, we had a lot of strong, fashionable women around us. Our great grandmother made almost all of her own clothes. She had a killer sense of style and would never be caught dead in jeans! 

She also would put on red lipstick before she left the house. That must be where our lipstick obsession came from. Our mother and grandmother had the best 80's fashions that we used to dress up in. Bright pink cocktail dresses, jumpsuits, and shoulder pads are some of the things that are coming back to me.

Do you raid each other's closets?
J: There is a very blurred line between what's mine and what's Brittany's. Just ask the guys...sometimes it gets a little heated. Normally we are totally cool sharing. We literally get to have double the wardrobe!

Favourite place to shop in Edmonton?
J: In Edmonton, we love to go down Whyte Ave to Divine. It's a cool shop with vintage pieces as well as new designers. Another place where we can always find something is of course H&M. They have a strong fashion forward sense for a big retailer. We really love vintage shopping though. It's amazing to find something that has history and is one of a kind. Stores like Robes and Relics as well as Vespucci are some great consignment shops in Edmonton.

Do you feel your personal style plays an important role in your music and presence in the music industry?
J: Our music and our style definitely reflect each other. We love to make our live show just that - a show! As with any show you have costumes and they need to be an extension of you, and essentially your music. In this industry you have to make a statement and fashion is a great way to instantly say something without ever opening your mouth.

Western Canada Fashion Week is coming up! What Canadian designers do you love?
Brittany: We hope to make it to some shows before continuing on tour. We love repurposed clothing especially from Zachary's Smile which was founded by (drummer) Kurtis' cousin. Divine was actually the first place that sold the line. They take fabulous vintage fabrics and create amazing pieces. When we were in New York last we got a chance to see their shop in Soho, which was cool.

How do you manage to pack minimal on tour?
Oh that is a big struggle for us! Each of us usually throws anything with sequins, leather, lace and concert tees into a huge suitcase and hope it all works. We try to keep it simple, but we have to look good!

What do you never leave home without?
Brittany: A leather jacket.
Jenesse: Red lipstick.


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    wow! I can't believe how great these Sister Gray's style is! I love that head piece! Do you think they have a stylist?

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  6. Anonymous4/06/2011

    This is style? I hope no one ever uses the words 'fashion sense' and 'Sister Grey' in the same sentence again unless there is a 'don't have' in there too. When did clashing black and white patterns + necklaces as headbands + lingerie = style? If these girls have a stylist, they should fire him/her. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing, let alone photographed wearing those outfits. Poor girls.


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