Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Western Canada Fashion Week - Handcuffs Required to rock the runway again.

Designer Nomin Gantumur presents Handcuffs Required at WCFW 2010.

This Thursday, Nomin Gantumur will send an army of models down the runway for the second time during opening night of Western Canada Fashion Week. Nomin returns as the victor from last year’s Emerging Designer Contest presenting her F/W Handcuffs Required collection. 

As she frantically sews the last stiches in preparation for Thursday’s show, Nomin tells me this collection is inspired by “military with a Middle Eastern influence.” 

“The palette for the collection is gold, army green, cream and black plus a little scarlet red sprinkled in for fun. Even though it’s a F/W collection I don’t think it should all be dark! I’ve tried to present a lot of variety in this collection from pants to dresses and jackets.”

Nomin only graduated from Marvel College’s fashion program in September of last year and is pretty modest for a designer who has achieved so much in such little time. Her designs are all about texture and details. Fur, feathers and leather transform the feminine silhouettes she creates into something edgier and fashion forward. Her fun with feathers is what recently won her 1st Place in the Edmonton Spring Classic, an evening of fashion where the audience votes for their favourite designer. 

“Winning the Spring Classic was such a great opportunity for a young, aspiring designer like me. A lot of people don’t know all the talent here in Edmonton, so it was opportunity to get our name out there.”

Nomin Gantumur, designer of Handcuffs Required, with her winning design at the Edmonton Spring Classic 2011

You can see Handcuffs Required flirt its way down the runway on Thursday at the opening night of Western Canada Fashion Week. But that’s not the only amazing Edmonton talent you don’t want to miss.

“I am definitely excited to see Sweet Carousel, Jessica Halabi, Temna Fialka, and Sessa by Tressa Heckbert,” says Nomin, “I try to support our local Edmonton designers as much as I can.”

Nomin is terribly sweet, but I can tell she is extremely determined in her career. “I have lots of big dreams,” she says with a smile, “It will be challenging, but I think as long as I believe in myself and keep working hard it will pay off one day. I am very lucky to have my friends and family's support.”

Well, Nomin, you have our support too. See you at Fashion Week.

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