Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The sun is lingering a little bit longer these days, giving you the perfect excuse for another shopping trip! Sunglasses are summer's most fun, fabulous and versatile accessory, giving tone to every outfit.

Even the most conservative dresser can go wild with their shades in a variety of colours, styles and prints. They are a must for attending summer festivals and enjoying cocktails on the patio. And great for the day after you enjoy those cocktails on the patio.....

I've rounded up some cheapie faves from Urban Outfitters. Which are your favourite?

Tip of the day: Be sure the fancy eye wear you buy offers 100% UV protection for those pretty peepers of yours.

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  1. I agree,all of these sunnies are really cute!

  2. These sunglasses are all soooo cute. I love the raybans UO has in all different colours

  3. The cat eye tortoise shell coloured ones are pretty amazing!



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