Thursday, April 28, 2011

Building the 100-Mile Wardrobe.

If you haven't read Marta Gold's article in the Edmonton Journal titled, Building the 100- Mile Wardrobe... well, you should. We've all heard about the 100-mile diet, but do you think you could clothe yourself using this concept? Well, it's certainly a challenge, but as Marta Gold proves, not impossible. 

Two of our local designer darlings Bridget Smatlan of Fridget and Elise Truong of Sweet Carousel Corsetry were featured in the Journal article along with Kelly Madden, Jessica Halabi and Sabrina Butterfly.


Why is supporting local designers so important? Because shopping local...

1. Builds a stronger Edmonton economy, making us less dependent on other cities and nations for consumer goods.

2. Reduces negative environmental impact. Buying products made locally means they didn't travel by boat, air or truck to arrive here.

3. Creates community character. Aren't you incredibly proud to live in a city with so many talented designers? The more we support them, the stronger the Edmonton brand grows as THE place for arts and design. That's the kind of city I want to live in.

There are about 5 trillion other reasons to shop local.

So,  as I scroll through my blog filled with smiling photos of me clad in Forever 21 and H&M purchases, I really can't help but think I'm a total hypocrite. And I can't lie. Those photos will keep on coming, simply for the fact locally made products are usually out of my budget.

However, hanging in my closet are some very special items made by the hands of our talented local designers. There are only a few, but when I wear them I feel proud, as if I'm wearing a piece of my community. This is a feeling much grander than that I feel when throwing on another disposable item from a chain store. And don't you like knowing at least some of your clothes weren't made from tiny hands in a sweatshop? ... I pledge to make a little more effort.

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  1. I know what you mean. I havent really shopped local when I know I should. One of these days, I am gonna go check out many stores on Whyte avneue. great article! Thanks for sharing!xo


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