Friday, April 29, 2011

Coup d'etat.

Last night was Coup's 1st Annual Spring Fete and Customer Appreciation Night! I scoured the racks taking in all the beautiful new spring garments, sipped white wine, munched on mouthfuls of cheese and admired the mannequins styled by L2 Style. Tres Magnifique!

Outfit: Top, Toshi. Pants, F21. Shoes, Goodwill, no label.


  1. Christiner4/29/2011

    I like your meow mix shirt.

  2. Nice presentation !

    And You, Your SMILY face, in front of this bank vault, so nice !

    With your red "ballerine" shoes, you look like a very smily "jack in a box" of fashion.

  3. Your kitty blouse is too cute! It's hard to believe that a store that nice is in Edmonton. Super awesome.



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