Thursday, April 28, 2011

Drumroll please...

And the winner of the Southgate Stylist Search IS: Brittannee Tomkow!

Congratulations to Brittannee, she'll be fabulous as the new Southgate Stylist. Read the  official Southgate announcement here. Click here to book a styling appointment with Brittannee.

Most importantly, THANK YOU to everyone who voted and told their friends to vote! I was totally shocked and overwhelmed by the amount of support from my blog readers, friends, and family. I have really appreciated the personal emails with well wishes and the "You should have won!" notes from everyone including the other stylists.

This experience has left me incredibly inspired and instilled so much faith in me that I DO have a talented eye for style, and I can't stop here! I'm thrilled over all the friendships and opportunities that have came out of this competition.

Please, please, please keep following all the other talented stylists specifically Zoe Kreider and Jared Tabler. I was honoured to be competing with such incredible talent and can't wait to watch their destined success in the future.

Tim Schneider, Mr. Sartorial


  1. <3 Stylist date!

    p.s. do you also write blog postings at work ;)

  2. I actually wrote it up last night and then just posted it!

    Can't wait to see you soon!


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  4. Aw man! Congrats to Brittannee, but I had my fingers crossed for you... Oh well, you'll always be the winner in my heart!

  5. I agree with AIF and I voted and got everyone I knew to vote too. But you what this means honey - there is something better out there waiting for you. this is your passion and it shows and I am glad you feel strong still.

    xoxo Nav

  6. The absolute best part of the competition was getting to know you better Janis! Your energy, enthusiasm and creativity are infectious!

  7. When my husband becomes a rich lawyer, I'll still hire you to be my stylist. Hope that works for you. ;D


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