Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sneak Peek: Southgate Stylist Search Challenge #1

I spent Saturday flying high on a fashion buzz at the first challenge in the Southgate Stylist Search! I met the five other finalists and aced my first challenge: Styling two mannequins from pre-selected stores. I'll provide more details about the challenge later once voting is open.

Be sure to vote for me on or the Southgate Centre Facebook Page later today when all the looks are posted and voting opens!! I'll be sure to let you all know when it's up.

Here are a few snapshots of the event from Southgate Centre's Facebook Page, visit their page for more photos of the event:

Me and my two looks for the challenge. More photos to come!

Should competitors be this friendly? We couldn't help it! Everyone was just too nice and there is nothing better than talking fashion with other addicts. From left to right: Jared Tabler, Zoe Kreider, Nicole Mackoway, aaaand me, Janis!


  1. OMG, exciting!!! I can't wait to see more of the two looks you styled... I'm so proud of you, J!

  2. Anonymous4/10/2011

    As much as I like your 40-50 year old look (it's very age appropriate yet stylish) it's incredibly plain for someone who is competing to be one of Southgate's stylists. And your 20-30 year old look would be fine for a 20 year old, but are you kidding me, the leggings for a 30 year old? You have a lot to learn about being a stylist

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  4. Thank you very much for you interest in this competition, and please vote for whoever you believe deserves to win.

    However, please also keep in mind that all stores were predetermined and unfortunately some stores were lacking in the amount of selection and accessories to choose from. I'm very confident in my looks and happy that I was able to convey a simple and elegant look that was not over-accessorized and would be very comfortable for a regular person to wear.

    As for the leggings, there were no pants in the store where I pulled that look from, so I went with these leggings and I think they look great on my mannequin! Better than no pants at all, that's for sure!

    Keep following the challenge for more chances to vote, hopefully I can sway your feelings!

    Thank you

  5. Sounds like a lot of fun! Can't wait to see more pictures and be able to vote!


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