Sunday, June 12, 2011

Enjoying Downtown's Great Outdoors... AL FRESCO!

Downtown Edmonton's 104th Street was hustlin' and bustlin' on Saturday at the Annual Al Fresco Block Party!

In our city's great outdoors, thousands enjoyed food, wine, music, fashion, burlesque and a massive sing-a-long dance party. Proceeds from the day's events went to the E4C School Lunch Program, which works to ensure children receive the nutrition they need to succeed. 

I couldn't have spent my day any better. Shame on you if you missed out on the fun.
The glam girls of Capital City Burlesque entertained with a family-friendly show.
Food, food everywhere!

                   Fridget Apparel launched the fashion show with some simply sweet creations. 
Fridget Apparel 
Jessica Halabi

Impeccably styled looks from Coup Boutique.



Beats by DJ Junior Brown.

Vibrant, fresh eats from MRKT.

Amy Van Keeken's Rock-and-Roll Sing-a-Long!


  1. This looks amazing! I'm so sad I missed it : (

  2. Andrea6/12/2011

    Such an amazing day! People watching was out of control. Got to get myself to Coup, loved their pieces. Great to run into you!
    Andrea xo

  3. Thanks for posting photos. I was there earlier in the day but didn't get to see the burlesque or the fashion show. I'm so proud that Edmontonians are doing stuff like this!

  4. So happy you enjoy the photos!


Thanks for your comment! xo