Sunday, August 21, 2011


I've been playing it incognito the last three days in my new disguise. No, that's not some sexy librarian you see... it's me!!

I've been searching for a pair of purr-fectly shaped cat-eyed glasses for about four years... seriously. I've tried on hundreds of pairs in various stores throughout Edmonton with no luck. Not only am I incredibly picky when it comes to glasses, but I refuse to pay $500 for them. So, I was ecstatic when contacted me to do a review!

I've been ordering contact lenses from Vancouver-based company, Clearly Contacts, since 2009 because it's incredibly convenient for someone as busy as me. I simply enter my prescription online, click a button and usually within 3-4 days my contacts are sitting at my doorstep.

However, I've been hesitant to order glasses from Clearly Contacts because - and you're all thinking this - you can't try them on. Seeing glasses on screen and seeing them actually sitting on your face are two completely different things. The key to ordering glasses online is understanding your face shape. I've tried on so many pairs of glasses in the past, I know what is going to flatter and what is going to make my head look like a giant pumpkin that won the blue ribbon at the state fair. If you're still unsure, Clearly Contacts provides two online tools to help you find the right pair of glasses including a Virtual Mirror and Find Your Perfect Fit. And they provide info on reading your prescription.

I ordered these Love glasses in Blonde Tortoiseshell and they were delivered in four days. They came with a cleansing cloth, hard and soft case and a tiny screwdriver for any tightening the glasses may need in the future (thank you!). My order also came with Care Instructions for washing, adjusting, etc. I've been wearing them for three days and am convinced they are my true love. They fit my face well, don't move around at all and the prescription is spot on. And I couldn't be happier with the style. This is exactly what I've been looking for! My only complaint is I'm a little sore behind the ears. I'm not sure if this is because I'm not used to wearing glasses or the frames sit too heavy. 

On Clearly Contacts these glasses would cost: $38 for the frames + $10 for lenses + $20 for three protective coatings (optional) + $10 in shipping = $78.00. In a retail shop they would cost over $250.

Let's just say I already have another pair sitting in my shopping cart.


  1. That cheap?! Really? Hmm, I shall check it out, as I also refuse to pay $500. They look really good.

  2. You made your selection! YAY! They are beautiful. I'm all about the cat eye glasses - on the hunt for a pair myself! Will totally check out Clearly Contacts!


  3. I do hope you'll be bringing these along on Monday. I'm off to look at clearly contacts now.

  4. You look so cute! Those glasses suit you so well. I need to check these guys out!

  5. These glasses are fabulous and they look great on you, definitely worth the wait!

  6. Sybille8/21/2011

    Those glasses are super cute and I can't believe how cheap they are. I have to check them out cuz I spent way too much on my last pair!!!

  7. The most beautiful detail is You, with your smile.

    A blur reality, a true happiness.

  8. Anonymous8/23/2011

    Maybe I should start wearing glasses again - especially if they look as chic as the ones you're wearing. I am so sick of wearing contacts and don't have enough nerve for the laser surgery. ho hum...

  9. Anonymous3/28/2013

    Would you recommend clearly contacts for someone with a high prescription? Were your lenses fairly thin? I am just worried as my prescription is high and I don't want to have any issues.

  10. I can't speak for a really high prescription - I have -4.75 on both eyes, which some would consider high. If you have any concerns I would contact their customer service, or simply try it out. They have a great return policy.

    Thanks for reading!
    -Dress Me Dearly

  11. Anonymous3/31/2013

    This great Janis. I will look into them for my new pair! From a glasses wearing girl.. if you are sore behind the ear they just need the wrap around bit to be adjusted. A optical place (maybe where you get your prescription done) can will heat them a bit and them bend them to suit your ear. Im sure you could try it on your own!


Thanks for your comment! xo