Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Suka Clothing returns to Western Canada Fashion Week
Tonight marks day seven of Western Canada Fashion Week and the best has certainly been saved for last. Edmonton's top, ready-to-wear designers will present to what will surely be a packed house. Get your tickets now and arrive early, cause seats will go fast.

Alisha Shick is among those designers who will send new collections down the runway tonight. She has returned to Western Canada Fashion Week after a four year hiatus from the event.

"The last time I showed at Fashion Week was in 2006, I've come a long way since then," says the doe-eyed designer. "Tressa Heckbert of Sessa showcased the same evening as me and her clothes were so heavily styled and well presented. We shared models and I was wiping stocking lines from Tressa's looks just before my girls went out. I didn't think of styling or anything... it was a little embarrassing."

Coming a long way is an understatement. Alisha is now an esteemed fashion instructor at M.C. College and her well-known label, Suka Clothing can be found at Meese Clothing in St. Albert and Bamboo Ballroom. Her clothing is always edgy and free spirited, but most importantly - wearable. We can expect nothing less this season.

"My collection is very whimsical without being overly kitschy or trendy. There are undertones of 60's and 70's rock era with airy fabrics and cosmic inspired prints. My colours were inspired by gems and earth rocks."

And why has Alisha decided to return to Western Canada Fashion Week?

"I just thought I'd been putting it off long enough. I'd better represent, because I've been doing fashion in Edmonton for 10 years... I can't believe it's been that long. I did a little show last November, it was small and intimate. I figured it was time to bring it to the masses."

"I think everyone should have an opportunity to show. However, designers that sell their clothing find it hard to present a show and give stock to stores at the same time. I think if there wasn't the pressure of making money then a show would definitely be worth it, but some designers don't make full 10-outfit collections every season."

In her decade of designing in Edmonton Alisha has gained a lot of insight about the market.

"Edmonton has accessibility to a lot of 'fast fashion' here, so people don't understand the longevity of it all, and therefore don't appreciate the independents as much. I do have some steady clientele - it's a support network and we all grow together. A city is as fashionable as its stores and we are lucky to have some very forward thinking individuals that bring us more independent fashion. I've traveled to many other cities, and it's amazing how stylish we are as a city. I recently traveled to L.A. and I have to say - Edmonton has it going on."

You can see Suka Clothing tonight, Wednesday September 28th at Western Canada Fashion Week.


  1. very excited for all the shows tonight and tomorrow! See you there. You always write good informative posts! :)
    <3 Kastles

  2. Loving these looks! Wishing I was there!


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