Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Jacob Launches "No Photoshop" Campaign with Coco Rocha as the star.

By now you've surely seen Jacob's newest campaign featuring Canada's own Coco Rocha playfully posing in their fall/winter 2011 pieces.The campaign is a desperate effort by the company to restructure and rebuild the brand after a dramatic drop in sales over the last few years. The twist to the campaign? It's photoshop free....well, almost.

The caption on each image reads "Jacob takes a stand: this model's body has not been retouched." Meaning blemishes and clothing have surely been edited.

On its website Jacob states "JACOB has always made an effort to promote a healthy image of the female body. By becoming the first women’s fashion retailer in Canada to publicly commit to no longer digitally alter the body shape of its models, JACOB is taking a stand on retouching, which has become excessive in the fashion industry."

And from the star of the campaign, model Coco Rocha's blog, "Does this mean I’m now anti-photoshop? Absolutely not. I know what a valuable artist’s tool it can be in the right hands. What I really admire is the fact that Jacob is trying to balance the scales a little by pulling so far back from what has been the current trend of total digital model manipulation. I don’t expect that all brands will jump on board and cut out photoshop use, neither do I think that it’s necessary - but I do hope that this campaign might help some in our industry stop and think about what the public really wants to see before they shrink another model down to an impossible size."

I say kudos to Jacob, even if it IS Coco Rocha and obviously an easy model to not photoshop.  It's certainly a start in producing images and media that reflects something slightly closer to "real" women, which affects expectations of ourselves and others.

Thoughts? Simply a genius marketing ploy by Jacob or an actual step in the right direction?


  1. its a bit of a marketing ploy, a bit of a step in the right direction too. what is a 'real' woman anyway? what if you are a size 0 and happen not to have blemishes, does that mean you're not a 'real' woman? isn't 'real' a bit of undefinable quality?

  2. Justyna I completely agree! I guess the word I should have used is "average" not "real"... maybe I'll change it!

    Dress Me Dearly

  3. I love love this campaign of Jacob! I've always been a fan of Coco Rocha!


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