Saturday, December 10, 2011

Local Designer Sale

Oh hi, we're crazy talented designers... oh, AND total babes. From left: Jessica Halabi, Parasol, Cruz, Laura Molina, BangBang Bijoux, Fridget Apparel.

I walked into Red Pony Consignment this afternoon to the delightful sound of giggling girls and a sight of which domestic dreams are made of: Our local motley of Edmonton designers were dawning polka-dots and lace-trimmed aprons while sharing a laugh, surrounded by their own talents hanging around them. 

The ladies have cleverly taken over a warm-lit space in the back of Red Pony and filled it with lovable pieces including dresses , jackets, tanks, jewelry and more. Designers Bridget Smatlan of Fridget Apparel, Gabriella Cruz of Cruz, Jessica Halabi, Corinna Chow of Parasol, Rachel Bingham of BangBang Bijoux and Laura Molina welcomed me into their flash boutique, which will hopefully return monthly in the Whyte Avenue location.

I purchased a geometric-print wrap dress by Corinna Chow of label Parasol. It's a sweet and light piece perfect for both 9 to 5 and the cocktail hour. 

Prancing out of Red Pony with a gleeful spring in my step I was thankful not only for the delightful dress in my hand, but also the fun of purchasing a garment straight from the designer herself. There is a joyous exchange 
that happens when buying direct - a secret understanding between the two people, both thankful to the other for her contribution to the transaction. 

I'm tempted to stop by again tomorrow.... see you there?

Red Pony Consignment 10139 82 Avenue
Sat Dec 10, 10am - 6pm
Sun Dec 11, Noon - 5pm

Sweet deals among sweet fabrics.Someone pleeease gift me this Cloud + Lolly bracelet!
ParasolMy Parasol dress, love it!!


  1. So lovely Sale !

    I follow your news with so much pleasure

  2. I was there too and got the best earrings :) Such a good event.

  3. Kassey K12/29/2011

    Thanks for sharing this post! I will definitely check out Red Pony Consignment when I'm in the area next!


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