Tuesday, January 17, 2012

skin deep

Since my last Beauty Roundup I've received tons of questions about my skincare routine. Nothing too fancy here, but it does the trick. My focus is always moisture, moisture, moisture, and I finally crafted the perfect balance of products to avoid flaky flareups. The routine is simple: A splash of cold water in the morning followed by an SPF moisturizer and then makeup. At night, cleanse and moisturize again with something a little more heavy-duty. You'll notice I've included three different facial cleansers here - I switch up my suds depending on the mood of my skin and find having a few varieties keeps it happy.

1. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion: Minimal on scent and extra gentle for sensitive skin. Dries quickly and comes in a convenient pump bottle.
2. Lush Ultra Bland Facial Cleanser: My end-of-day cleanser and an absolute must for dry skin sufferers. This creamy, salve-like formula moisturizes while gently removing make-up.
3. H to the O: My mother always told me keeping well hydrated on the inside would do the same on the outside. Two decades later I finally upped my water intake and turns out she was right!
4. Avon Moisture Shield Tinted Cream with SPF 15: This is the third time I'm promoting this product and probably not the last. I order 10 jars at a time, so I'm never without it and use it EVERY morning. It provides just enough moisture for makeup to go on smoothly, and the subtle tint lets me skip foundation.
5. Vaseline: Locks in moisture on my lips and feet, and sometimes as an under-eye cream before bed.
6. Lush Ocean Salt Scrub: The best exfoliator for face and body. It smells like a margarita, leaves skin radiantly fresh and best of all? It contains vodka!
7. Clean & Clear Morning Burst Skin Brightening Facial Cleanser: Zing! Zaps breakouts and invigorates the skin with caffeine and a super fresh citrus scent.
8. The Body Shop Aloe Calming Toner: Used once a week to tighten my skin, and reduce redness.
9. Kirkland Daily Facial Cleansing Towelettes: I keep these right beside my bed for those lazy (or inebriated) nights when I just can't muster the energy to do my whole skincare routine. Simply cleanse with one of these pre-moistened cloths, shut those peepers and sweet dreams!

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